Rickshaw, Stop!

I walked around in Mumbai, smelled the distinctive scent of the place, gazed at the hustle and bustle of the city without barely blinking my eyes and marveled at the colors around me. The scorching sun and its overwhelming heat failed to move me on that day, for the curiosity in my eyes grew deeper than the rays of the sun.

I looked around me to observe the ways of the locals and I quickly mustered confidence to wave my hands to stop a rickshaw in the busy streets of the city. I was ignored at first but I nevertheless kept trying. Minutes later, a rickshaw halted next to me and asked about my destination. I had no idea about where to go as I don’t plan my adventures. I believe that unplanned adventures bring more lessons than planned ones. I hurriedly got into the rickshaw and asked the driver to just bring me around. He switched on the meter and the journey began.


Before parting ways, I kindly requested him for a picture in his rickshaw. He had no objection. I offered him some more money in sign of appreciation but he refused and said

“No Sir. I appreciate but I can’t accept the extra-money. Pay me only for my labor”

His powerful words marked me and my veneration for Mumbai grew profounder.

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