A journey by train, from Pune to Mumbai

On the 13th of March, I spent around three hours travelling back from Pune to Mumbai by the local train.


Throughout the journey, I kept my eyes wide open to ignite my sense of adventure as I made sense of the little things around me. I witnessed how the train mercilessly tortured the rail tracks as it slithered into a station while casting a shadow over the platforms. I attentively listened to the horn and whistle of the train, to alert the people crossing the railway tracks. I inquisitively and gleefully peeked through the window to catch a view of the glorious Lonavla and Khandala. I found that people are welcoming and yearned to be listened to. I saw the hawkers running and jumping into the train as it screeched to a stop. And I even had a glimpse of some monks sitting cross-legged in a train station. I walked in the train, met people, listened to their stories and shared mine, and created some amazing memories that will never fade.

The train journey fueled my inspiration to lose myself in the world of words. I took out my travel diary and wrote down my emotions and memories.

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