The conversation at Dadar Railway Station

On the morning of March 12th, I headed to the railway station to catch a train at Dadar. With my ticket in hand, I walked to the advised platform and keenly looked for a place to rest. The platform was crowded; more crowded than I anticipated. I learned that the train would delay to arrive. In my wait, I had the privilege to meet a gentleman who had the seat next to me at the platform.


He seemed quiet, dejected and strained. I initiated the conversation to understand what was troubling him and minutes later, he opened up to me. Trust was established.

He uttered some words that still resonate in my mind:
I always thought India was dying but today, I am convinced that it’s not. It’s an incontestable and heartbreaking reality that corruption, hatred, violence, greed for power and wickedness are all increasing at a mind-boggling velocity. But, I’m glad that we still have humans around who are investing their time to value humanity. We need more people like you. Today, you made me feel how important I am. You made me accept my reality and inspired me to continue my battle

I replied:
Sir, your words are powerful too. Thank you for your kindness. But, if you don’t mind, you may share your life’s battle with me”

He maintained his silence for a while, stood up, pull up his jean slightly to show me his right prosthetic leg.

The train then trundled sluggishly into the station and we parted ways.

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