The healing powers of Borivali

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is settled resplendently in the heart of Borivali East, Mumbai. On the 23rd of March 2015, I walked jubilantly into the park with the eventual hope to unleash myself from everything that had kept me repressed and contained for years. I undoubtedly confirm that this place is a piece of heaven on earth. The inland area is occupied by its rich floras and faunas; offering a revitalizing nature trail for nature-lovers.


I ventured for hours in the park in attempt to completely feel the place through the little things it had to offer. I learned to smile a little more. I felt healed from wounds of the past. I felt renewed. I walked near the edge of an undisturbed lake, took out my flute and played a simple flute note to express my deepest gratitude to Borivali.

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