On being a Massai

In Kenya, every day is different from the previous one. On the 17th of April 2014, I escaped the hustle and bustle of Nairobi, and ventured into the Nairobi National Park. The smell of the blossoming valleys, the mist-veiled hills, the rushing rivers, the plush greenery, the humming of the bees, the chirping birds, the silent roars of the wild animals, the solace and the silence of the place are all worth dying for. I smiled to myself as I strolled through the park and felt the little things around me. Meters ahead, I had the privilege to meet a Massai.


He showed me a glimpse of his incredible world – no expectations and no grumbles. The gentleman even permitted me to wear the traditional Massai outfit. I could identify myself with the Massai people. At that moment, I deeply desired to live as a Massai. Though my expedition came to an end, the Massai spirit dwelling into me has no end.
I learned, from the Massai, to expect less and to create more. In my mind, I am a Massai too and I vow to walk into the land of the Massai.

4 thoughts on “On being a Massai

  1. To expect less and to create more ..Wow ! Lovely lesson learnt there. Nice look too !

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