Meeting the locals in Karen

The smell of coffee woke me up on the early morning of the 14th of April 2014 and I rummaged to the kitchen to have a sip of it. It was freezing cold in Nairobi and hot coffee makes more sense when it is not hot outside.
In my bucket list for that day, the Giraffe Centre featured on the top and I eventually drove all the way to the conservation and breeding center, located in Karen. I arrived earlier than the normal opening hours. I thus made the most of it by walking in the surroundings and meeting the locals.


I met a young man who was riding his bicycle, on the way to the town. He was quite reserved but I managed to have a brief conversation with him and here is a snapshot of the moment.
People of Kenya are generally welcoming and this picture conveys it.

I do justice to my adventures by living them fully. The world is my home and its people are my brothers and sisters.

I take risks, I lose myself and I learn.

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