Sunset at Versova Beach, Mumbai

Every time I endeavor to write about India, a little worry settles in and I ruminate on whether I will succeed in doing justice to the splendors of this continent. But, as I weave my words with my emotions, I find poise in my mind and I walk down the lane of memories to collect fragmented moments left behind; just like an attentive child collecting seashells at the beach and marveling at their colors.


I found a soothing escape on the 17th of March 2015, at Versova Beach in Mumbai. The energy springing from the setting of the sun rejuvenated my being. I love the little things in life – the hue of the sunset, the shimmering stars, the colors of the sunrise, the cherished road trips, the first love letter, the evening coffee, the silence of the mountains and much more.
Versova beach is a beach of contrasts. Though the slum has invaded the beach, the breathtaking vistas of the sunset is to die for. I walked across the beach, befriended the locals and photographed the sun as it dived into the ocean.
I closed my eyes, traveled deep into myself and allowed a feeling of gratitude to settle in my being.

7 thoughts on “Sunset at Versova Beach, Mumbai

  1. I live in Mumbai; and Versova used to be my favorite beach of the city until the slum took over… Even so, it is beautiful, and so is the photo! Kudos!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Even though the slum has stepped into the public beach, I can understand their constraints and reasons. I enjoyed the expedition at Versova Beach and I promise to travel back again.

  3. I love Mumbai and I know that the sunsets are the best thing ever be it at the Marine Drive, the Juhu beach, Carters or Versova Beach. Your photos are really nice and I love the cubic theme.. Its fantastic that you get to travel so much and more so manage to write about it.. Kudos ! 🙂

  4. Thank you for your comment. I’m in love with Mumbai too. I will be travelling to this piece of heaven again this year in quest of such tales that few have to tell.

  5. I love sunsets and sunrises, they seem to weave a web of magic around my world. Sunset on a beach is always breathtaking. The colors, the smell of the ocean, the spray of water as it hits your face, the cool breeze at sunset.. life couldn’t be any better than at a moment like this. Glad you enjoyed your time in Mumbai. 🙂

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