A heavenly boat trip along Lake Naivasha

Heaven exists. I have been there.

Lake Naivasha, a freshwater lake in Kenya, is a splendid piece of paradise far from the cacophony of the world. On the 22nd of September 2013, I packed everything and walked out in the pursuit of tales few would have to tell. Even though I journeyed to Lake Naivasha before, the call of its splendors remains tempting. I enjoyed the road trip from Nairobi to Naivasha. The serenity of the desolate villages, the scenic landscapes with grazing cows, herd of cattle and the Massai, the stunning valleys, the dancing clouds, and the freshness of the air were enough to inspire the poet in me. I could fill my travel journal with words.


In an enthusiasm to arrive at my destination, I did not fail to do justice with my journey. I always make sense of both the journey and the destination. Both are revealing and important. I clearly recall having stopped by a restaurant on the way to taste the typical onion soup. Needless to say, it was delicious.
On arriving at the lake, I walked around and greeted the locals. I soon recollected myself and embarked on a boat trip on the lake. I discovered that the lake was home to thousands of flamingos and hippos. On the shore, I found antelopes, zebras and giraffes. The sky was garlanded with thousands of colorful birds. After nearly an hour’s boat ride, the sky turned grey and it started raining. I soaked my hands in the water. I felt the cold rain on my skin and smiled to myself as I recalled a promise made to someone. I witnessed the majestic rainbow settling over the lake. I presumed that Naivasha smiled at me.

The boat trip soon drew to an end and I walked away with a promise to come back.

2 thoughts on “A heavenly boat trip along Lake Naivasha

  1. Wow.. I am really jealous.. Love the way you describe everything.. Makes me actually feel like being there toooooo….

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