Embracing the Great Rift Valley, Kenya

Travelling is more than just backpacking and sightseeing. There is something deeper about it. It is about embracing. In July 2013, I escaped my busy life to follow my passion. I traveled to the Great Rift Valley – a piece of paradise that appears to be undisturbed for ages.

Great Rift Valley

The valleys were nicely garlanded with colors and lights. The white clouds were dancing at the summit of the hills. I could not take my eyes off from the landscape – mountains, flowers, greenery and lakes. It took me only minutes to grow in love with the irresistible scenery of the Great Rift Valley.
As I walked closer to the valleys, I traveled to the pages of my past and recollected a lesson learned – life is all about choices. I then chose not just to collect snaps but to collect stories few will have to share. I closed my eyes and extended my arms to embrace the majesty of the Great Rift Valley. I could feel the balance with everything around me and within me. I stood still for some minutes and in the echoes of my mind, I paid attention to my thoughts. I was conscious. I felt being alive. Nothing could have been better.
I made a promise to the Great Rift Valley too. I will not reveal the promise at this point in time though.

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