Travel, Inspire and Become

Buying a ticket, touring the length of a country and coming back to sink into the routine of life is something anyone can do but true travelling, in the deepest sense of the word, is not something everyone can do. I can easily bet on this.


KEV_4730 (2)

I spent the last five years of my life digging deep into the colors and cultures of numerous countries around the world. It has been the most enriching phase of my life. The wisdom I acquired over the past five years helped me to unsnarl and embrace the art of travelling. I often wonder whether my words will be able to do justice to such wisdom that travelling bestowed unto me, but I shall try though.

I used to think that travelling is a remedy to one’s problems but this is not entirely true. Travelling does much more.

In the nook and corners of thousands of slums, villages and cities around the world, the dreams of many are being killed every day. The climate of war has confined people to the walls of their homes. The reign of fear is sprawling from country to country. There’s more hatred in this world, than love. People are not becoming who they deep inside wish to be.

I travel to inspire people to dream – of a better life and eventually of a better country. I come back with stories few shall have to tell someday in life. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Travel, inspire people to dream and become.

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