The Three-Pictures Tour of Jama Masjid

Built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, the Jama Masjid (Masjid-i Jahān-Numā), situated in the heart of Delhi, is one of the largest mosques in India.

It is not the first time that I am writing about Jama Masjid and the reason behind is the spiritual call one can feel when entering the grand and serene Jama Masjid. In 2015, I visited this mosque for the first time but I felt the longing to be there again. In March 2018, I visited the mosque again. Beside the spiritual fulfilment that one can feel at this place, there is a lot more than can please the heart.

When I arrived at the Jama Masjid, I found this little boy outside. He was lost in his thoughts and seemed to be sad. I have no idea what was the reason behind and I did not ask him either. I walked to him and tried to paint his lost smile again on his face.


Through this post, I will share three striking and meaningful pictures that I captured through my lens outside, in the compound of and inside the Jama Mosque. It’s a three-picture tour. I will not write much as description to the pictures. I will rather trigger your thoughts by adding one line as description to each picture.

Picture 1: Outside the mosque

Food for thought: God is inside or outside?


Picture 2: In the mosque’s compound

Food for thought: The first religion is that of love. It is God-made. All other religions are man-made.


Picture 3: Inside the mosque

Food for thought: If we seek, we find.


I hope the above pictures make you think wider. As for me, I didn’t leave after these three pictures. I took countless pictures, indulged in several conversations with different people about life, spirituality and India. I allowed the soulful adhan to sink into me and felt the power of the place.


One thought on “The Three-Pictures Tour of Jama Masjid

  1. Thank you for this post bhai.Once again i never knew the Jama Masjid was built by Shahjahan.Now i know,all because of you😊The pictures were too unique.Now i must say you are a great travel photographer too😀i love the way you travel & think deeply & come closer to the place.You click photos like no other traveler will click.i love the way you seek spirituality in all places.You don’t travel for youself.You travel for others too.whereever you go you leave your spark💖✨In the mosque you even talked to the small boy & made him happy☺,In the first picture the answer of your question according to me is that God is both inside & outside as He is all-pervading,2nd one Love is the true religion for all,even the religion of God too & 3rd photo its really nice that in India women have the right to enter mosques & read their religious scriptures & pray their.Unfortunately in Mauritius women don’t have the right to enter mosques.i always ask my father how do a mosque look from inside😐But his explanations & photos are not enough,i want to see with my eyes too.😞i always think all God is one,women have the right to go temples,kovil,churches,pagodas….then why not in mosques😐..At 5a.m i love the hear the “subha ki aazaan”.its so peaceful.Bhaii aap ki bhi subhaa ki aazaan ki tarah ho😊Keep writing about your travels in the past in your free time.It always makes me think & creates a video in my mind.Thank you bhaii🐻😇

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